Queen Elizabeth II and Her Corgis – an Eternal Love Story

The eternal love story between Queen Elizabeth II and her corgis has been a staple of the British monarchy. Now, with the queen’s death, an end to that seems inevitable. But the queen had a plan for their future.

According to the British media, the queen has left nothing to chance and has developed a specific plan for her furry companions. It is said that the queen’s dogs could continue their life peacefully in the home of a member of the royal entourage. Prince Andrew and Sarah Furguson are adopting the queen’s corgis.

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than thirty corgis during her reign? The love affair between the queen and her corgis is a longstanding one. In fact, the queen even credits her beloved dogs with keeping her healthy and active in her old age! If there’s one story that proves the power of a dog-owner bond, it’s this one. So put on your best British accent, and join us as we take a closer look at the queen’s amazing relationship with her furry friends.

The Real Rulers of Buckingham Palace

They were the faithful companions of Queen Elizabeth II for decades: her famous Welsh Corgi Pembroke, a breed of dogs she always surrounded herself with. The British monarch, who died this Thursday (8 September 2022) at the age of 96, would have had about thirty corgis during her life, so much so that this canine species has become inseparable from Buckingham.

Queen Elizabeth II was very attached to her little dogs and took them everywhere with her, even on state visits. In 2015, she explained that she stopped breeding corgis because she did not want to leave any behind when she died.

The Queen’s affection for these short-legged, big-eared little companions goes back to her early years. Corgis came into the Queen’s life in 1933. She was 7 years old at the time and her father, King George VI, brought one home for her and her younger sister Margaret. The two little girls named him Dookie. Eleven years later, she received a second one, Susan, as a present to celebrate her 18th birthday.

(Queen Elizabeth II with Dookie and Jane, Source: BBC)

Elizabeth and Susan became inseparable: When the Queen and Prince Philip crossed the United Kingdom for their honeymoon in 1947, the dog was on the trip. She was the starting point for the whole line of corgis that would accompany Elizabeth II over the following decades. The Queen is well known for her love of dogs, and she has owned more than 30 corgis during her lifetime.

The Corgi Room

The queen’s corgis are some of the most legendary dogs in history. These pampered pooches have lived a life of luxury, with their own room at Buckingham Palace and porcelain bowls filled with gourmet food. However, few people know that the royal corgis also have a bit of dachshund in their lineage.

This unusual mix came about when one of the queen’s corgis mated with her sister’s dachshund, producing a litter of dorgis. Like their cousins, the dorgis enjoyed a life of privilege, complete with daily walks around the castle grounds and plenty of belly rubs from the queen herself.

Though they are not as well-known as the royal corgis, the dorgis played an important role in the queen’s life, providing her with companionship and laughter during her many years on the throne.

She Supervised Their Food

Elizabeth II is known for her love of dogs, particularly her corgis. According to Pets by Royal Appointment, a book about the British royal family’s pets, the Queen personally supervised their feeding. The dogs’ dinners were served at 5 p.m. sharp and consisted of beef tenderloin and chicken breast covered in gravy. Elizabeth II clearly took great care in ensuring that her beloved corgis were well-fed and healthy.

The Queen, Her Corgis and James Bond

The Queen’s dogs have long been a source of companionship and amusement for her Majesty. In 2012, they even starred in a short film that was broadcast during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. The film, which featured actor Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond, showed agent 007 arriving at Buckingham Palace to pick up the Queen.

The two corgis that greeted him on the carpet were a playful representation of the real-life pets that the Queen has loved throughout her reign. While they may not have the same heroic status as Bond, the Queen’s dogs have nonetheless charmed their way into the hearts of people all over the world.

It’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth II has always been a big fan of corgis. In fact, according to the BBC, she has owned up to nine of them simultaneously at various points throughout her life. However, their presence has dried up over the years, and as of 2015, only two corgis still occupied Buckingham Palace. This is due to the Queen’s decision to stop breeding new dogs, so as not to “leave young dogs behind.”

In December 2020, Her Majesty’s dorgi Vulcan died, leaving her with only Candy, the last dog of the royal family. But in early 2021, the Queen changed her mind and decided to buy two new corgis.

The British media has assured the public that the queen has left nothing to chance and that a plan specifically designed for her future days has been carefully developed. One of the leads that emerges is that the Queen’s dogs could continue their life peacefully in the home of a member of the royal entourage.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Furguson would be more than willing to take them in. This plan would allow the dogs to keep their normal routine and not have to adjust to a new home.


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