About Nikol

Hello 😊

Welcome to BossPetWellness! I am Nikol, founder and owner of BossPetWellness. Here I’d like to share some of my sweetest memories with my pets, who as you can guess, had a big impact on my life 😊

I was born into a family with a dog, he was a huge Saint Bernard and we were best friends from day one.

He would never leave my side, even when we went to the park for him to play. Other dogs would be playing while Harry stayed by my stroller.

And during nap time? Well, let’s just say that Harry was my personal bodyguard. I would crawl over to him and snuggle up next to him on the floor and he wouldn’t let anyone touch me until the nap was over.

He was huge and the sweetest dog ever. Whenever I would nibble on my biscuits, he would come over and like any other toddler, I would offer him the biscuits. He would accept…and then I would eat the other half. My mother would be horrified by the pictured of my whole arm in the mouth of a 170-pound Saint Bernard, but it was always such a fun game!

Harry even was there to teach me how to walk: me grabbing his fur so I don’t fall and then he did one step, I did one step, he checked up on me and then the next step.

Fast forward 24 years later

Probably the best day of my life was when I went to the shelter to get my cat, Napoléon. I had been in contact with the shelter for some time, about everything administrative. They had asked me to come and pick up one of the kittens but honestly, I couldn’t care less. I told them that I’ll just take the one if left in the end.

The big day came (3rd October) to go and pick Napoléon up. Once everything administrative was done I was heading home with Napoléon, there was only one little “meow” on the way. Once at home, he hid under the bed. I didn’t want to stress him out so I left him alone, thinking he will come out once he is ready…4 hours later, I was panicking that something might have happened to him since he wasn’t coming out, haven’t had eaten or drunken anything.

So I was crawling under the bed to get him, the little baby seemed scared but surprisingly he let me take him out and that was when he started to explore the room…and I can tell you that by the evening he was comfortable enough to eat and play with me.

You can imagine how from that point my mission in life was to take care of him and give him the best life!

That was the best day of my life and the beginning of the idea of BossPetWellness.